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Friday, 11 September 2009

Hows Doctor Who Filming Coming Along?

Digital Spy have 3 new Doctor Who location pictures online, you can see them here.

Digital Spy tell us they are now four episodes into filming of the thirteen episode series, however they probably aren't filmed in transmission order! Monks in brown robes have been seen seen on set.


Picture shows Karen Gillan doing her best Nora Batty impression on set.

Doctor Who 2009 Concept Art By Daryl Joyce For Fire & Ice (Episode 1)

(Click for Larger Images)

This is concept art by Daryl Joyce for Doctor Who 2009 Fire & Ice (Episode 1).

Download Doctor Who The Iron Legion Here

The Iron Legion
is collected comic strips from the pages of Doctor Who Weekly. Enter a dimension where the robot centurians of the mighty Roman Empire travel from planet to planet, crushing all in their path, driven by cruel gods of greed, destruction and despair...

You can grab the .rar file here. You may need to get rar too. When de-archived they are standard .jpgs :)

After some people had problems before, I have decided to make them available as a .rar file only, I will not be converting the archive to other formats, a rar utility is available for most operating systems (see above link)! This is tested, virus free and working!

Any problems, let me know and I'll see what I can do! I've just looked at the scans I have, hold onto your hats, theres more than I thought :) Probably daily posts for a while :0 I am not responsible for these scans, or any of the previous ones, and are sadly unaware of who did them!

If you want more of the same, use the search box at the top left with the word DOWNLOAD, work through the list, there may be some surprises in there :)

The Demon Headmaster In Doctor Who Season 5

Here is Terrence Hardiman with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan at yesterdays filming for Doctor Who series 5, probably best known as the Demon Headmaster! And whats that around his kneck, it looks like a clock key.

Doctor Who If Rose Tyler Is In That Pic, Who Else Can We See?

(Click for Larger Image)

Based on the idea from this picture, we can also see; A Matt Smith, B Tom Baker (in a wig), C Colin Baker, D Patrick Stewart as the Meddling Monk, E Ian Marter (RIP), F Elizabeth Sladen, G Billie Piper, H Camille Corduri, and I Anji Hohindra.

Too easy isn't it :)

I seem to remember there is a Production Assistant who is always being mistaken for Billie, because of her, Billie has been seen filming every story since The Runaway Bride!

More Doctor Who Location Photographs (10-9-9)

Doctor Who filming at Neath Abbey for the 5th series, pictured Karen Gillan, Matt Smith, & Terrence Hardiman.

Click here to see them.

Doctor Who Of The Day - The Time Warrior

Plot Hole - In The Time Warrior why doesn't Linx just hypnotize Irongron and his men, like he does others?