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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Doctor Who What Have We Learned From Yesterday's TV Magazines?

Although we have pages and pages of information from the TV magazines yesterday, much is what we already know, or is repeated in each one, but here goes (warning spoilers...);

- The death of one of the 4 main characters occurs then The Astronaut comes out of the lake at the beginning [and I'm sure who this is now, and I was wrong with River Song].

- It is not revealed in the first two episodes who River Song is, and will be an ever-present question throughout the series [so my guess is we find out in the last 5 minutes of episode 13 :) ].

- An old favorite is coming back in episode 12 [ideas anyone, and don't say Omega, pllllllease!]..

- In episode 4 The Doctors Wife, the Doctor is clearly affected by something, it features Idris, an old acquaintance with a new face, plus theres the Ood, and something strange is happening to the TARDIS, and the mysterious house has a voice!

- Episode 7 sees the return of the Cybermen, it also has Sontarans in it and ends with a right whopping cliff hanger - its mad, sprawling and epic, lives will be changed forever.

- Rory eats a lot of explosives at one point and The Doctor has to pick up his parts from around time and space [that is what it says, unlikely tho!].

The Silence
They have been on earth for thousands of years, their secret weapon is the ability to make people forget they have seen them, and they kill anyone in their path, they have been working since the dawn of time to undermine The Doctor.

The Silence have made the Doctor come unstuck many times [by unstuck do they mean helped him, hindered him surely?].

And confirmation from Steven Moffat that The Silence are inspired by The Scream painting (see picture above).

Edit from 10thPlanet: Here are all of yesterday's scans in a roundup for your reading pleasure.
We're perfectly fine with anyone using these scans, but we do require a link back to our original post please.


Wizzer10 said...

Old favourite? Not that old but I'll make a guess at James Cordon as Craig.

Sam said...

I'm pretty sure the Rory eating explosives was a joke answer. Unless you seriously believe he dies EVERY episode and the death gets bigger each time. Unless it means he's still an Auton and the Doctor is picking up plastic parts, but I'm just saying that for fanwank theorists to have a field day ;)

Combom said...

well its in print, so i include it, do i believe it? how can he be spread across time? perhaps its auton rory tho?

mujie said...

It was obviously going to be Rory who died. If he lived, he would be there a lot more in the trailers.

Gayle said...

I'm afraid I don't have a link but I'm sure the "Rory eating lots of explosives" was what Arthur said in jest when asked if Rory would die again this series.