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Friday, 22 April 2011

Steven Moffat's Brief Preview of the Doctor Who Mid-Series Finale ''A Good Man Goes to War''

Extremely hi-res, this picture.
I can't recall us posting this before, so it seems we missed this blip of news. Previewing Series 6 on the Radio Times blog, Steven Moffat gave a few hints towards "A Good Man Goes to War". This series is quickly shaping up.
Episode 7: A Good Man Goes to War

Writer: Steven Moffat Director: Peter Hoar
Guest stars: Alex Kingston, Frances Barber, Christina Chong, Simon Fisher-Becker 
Want to find the most dangerous place in the universe? Easy. Harm a hair on Amy's head and just wait. But as the last of the Time Lords and the Lone Centurion blaze across galaxies to save the woman in both their lives, history is unfolding. In her cell, in Stormcage, River Song knows the time has come at last. She has a secret, and this is the day she tells it. 
The battle of Demons Run has begun. 
And the Doctor's darkest hour is now.
In the speculation department, it seems that the cliffhanger for "The Almost People" will involve Amy getting kidnapped, and the subsequent story concerns the Doctor and Rory visiting every enemy they've ever known to find their culprit.


Sander said...

So I'm guessing the line:
"However hard, however far, whatever happens we will find you." is in this episode or the one before.

D0ct0r11 said...

It seems likely. Or it could somehow be from The Impossible Astronaut, when Amy's going to enter the orphanage and is then attacked by the Silence. But not really.