Monday, 9 May 2011

Ten Hints for Doctor Who 604 "The Doctor's Wife"

Following these dialogue teasers, CultBox has made available ten hints for "The Doctor's Wife".
  • The Doctor repeats a line from 'The Eleventh Hour'.
  • Michael Sheen plays a huge character.
  • Idris repeats some of her lines.
  • The Doctor has been doing something wrong for 700 years.
  • The Cloister Bell makes a return.
  • A Blue Peter viewer will be happy.
  • Someone slaps The Doctor.
  • A desire Rory showed last week comes to fruition.
  • The phrase "timey wimey" has some new competition.
  • The RTD era is evoked more than once.
Source credit goes to CultBox.

Most important out of all these is the Blue Peter reference; after all, that old Blue Peter TARDIS was scheduled for Series 5 but hasn't yet made an appearance, much like Gaiman's delayed episode!


Snake said...

Interesting...I think what the doctor do wrong is the regeneration, or the post-regeneration crisis phase. Though if it is the regeneration (which is reinforced by the fact that it was said a point of the series mythology will be seen differently) the numbers are wrong with the 900 YO age claimed by the doctor. Indeed the Doctor was around 450 when he first regenerate and he claims to be around 900...

Anna Mee said...

Who da man!?

scifigeek14 said...

omg is Rory getting a beard?? lol :P

Snake said...

Actually, he is. (Won't say more because that tend to be spoilers...)

10thPlanet said...

Rory as a Roman with a beard. Can anything be conceivably greater?

barnert said...

Maybe 700 years ago is about when he stole the TARDIS, or when he first started flying TARDISes, and that's what he's been doing wrong? They've certainly given us enough hints over the past couple seasons (like almost every time River shows up).