Thursday, 30 June 2011

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Design by Zerobriant

Zerobriant strikes again! We can't wait to see this on a T-shirt, and Zero promises he'll then turn to the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors.

Meanwhile, by popular request, here's a shameless advertisement for "The Whos", which has returned on Qwertee for only a few more hours.


jamawalk said...

oh good. 'cause you never see tenth and 11th doctor t-shirts (he said sarcastically).

how about some love for five! or two!


Tenisha said...

Love it! Oh and I picked up the shirt at Qwertee as well! :)

zerobriant said...

Magnificent!! Once again you never fail to impress me 10th planet!! :D Thank you, Thank you!! :D

newelectricmuse said...

Thanks for the t-shirt alert. I have seen this before but it was sold out. Clever design - have ordered one!