Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Terry Pratchett to Write for Doctor Who Series 7?

UPDATE: At this point, we should probably clarify that it seems Terry Pratchett actually was denying a meeting with Steven Moffat. Everyone seems to have jumped the gun. Sorry 'bout that.

After Neil Gaiman's wildly enjoyable "The Doctor's Wife", no doubt Steven Moffat was begging the acclaimed author to join the Doctor Who team for at least another episode; but Gaiman has declined, for good reason.

And who better to replace him than friend and fellow author—even co-author for the splendid Good Omens—Sir Terry Pratchett?

I could go on forever about the Discworld series, but in a phrase: he's done for the fantasy genre what Douglas Adams did for science fiction. And it seems likely that, much like John Fay, he's writing a script for Doctor Who.

On Twitter last night Pratchett spontaneously tweeted the following messages, defending himself against non-existent rumours. For those who can't read between the lines, he's admitting to everything he's denying.
@terryandrob: A meeting of minds with gentlemen we cannot mention about a project we cannot discuss. However, a good day all round.
@terryandrob: No! No! We absolutely 100% did not meet @steven_moffat today. But now we’ve denied it…
@terryandrob: We reiterate; we DID NOT meet or talk to or phone or Skype or send letters or emails or carrier pigeons to @steven_moffat
@terryandrob: Further more, our people are not talking to @steven_moffat people, okay?? Seriously.
Before we enter the perilous territory of speculation, let's preface these rumours, and all those to come, with some caution. Steven Moffat's does not solely work on Who; even if Pratchett were writing a script for Moffat, it might be for Sherlock or some as of yet unknown production. Perhaps he's just planning on a non-television project, anything from a promotional appearance to a Doctor Who New Series Adventure. After all, fantasy author Michael Moorcock wrote The Coming of the Terraphiles last year.

If, however, Terry Pratchett is writing for Series 7, this is the best news since, well, Neil Gaiman's script was announced. If not, it still seems like something more than just a cuppa with the Moff.

So will he be credited as "Terry Pratchett" or "Sir Terence David John Pratchett"?

Source credit goes to Doctor Who Spoilers.


Combom said...

a few months ago he was trashing DW, now he is writing for it, seems money is important to TP :)

liminalD said...

If this is true, it would make my year... Pratchett's far and away my favourite author. And I don't believe he was trashing DW, just saying that it shouldn't be considered Science Fiction but rather Fantasy, which I kind of agree with. Science Fiction is stuff like 'Moon' and '2001: A Space Odyssey' - Star Trek, Doctor Who and the like are more like Star Wars as I see it, where the spacey setting is a vehicle for more archetypal myths, rather than the science being the actual POINT of it... it's like the difference between Jules Verne and H.G Wells

HarrySaxon said...

Yeah, I agree with liminalD; he was hardly trashing it, and if the guy spent enough time thinking about it to come up with a theory like he did, he must be a fan.

I sure hope this is true; I cannot describe how much I like discworld (the wee free men specifically).

MrGrumpy said...

But the only thing this is based upon is that he is denying it?
Is it because we dont know who he is 'replying' to?
Or is the original poster certain that these tweets came out of nowhere, responding to nothing, and therefore are meant to incite speculation?

ps: I absolutely do NOT have an enormous

..end of transmission...

Matthew Celestis said...

I can't imagine Pratchett writing Doctor Who working all that well.

I mean, he is best known for his comic stuff. Sometimes comedy works in Doctor Who, but not always.

The Scientist said...

I think he'd be great to write for Doctor Who.

Ricardo Baptista said...

"A comedy writer doing an episode for Doctor Who? That would never work!"

Except for the ones that did, last season we had a little thing called "Vincent and the Doctor" and I won't even talk about Douglas Adams...