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Monday, 22 August 2011

News & Title of Doctor Who 613

Doctor Who Spoilers tell us the title of 613 will be confirmed in tomorrows Radio Times as The Wedding of River Song.

And it also features these lines;
“I don’t want to marry you.”
”I don’t want to murder you.”

The episode sees the return of Simon Callow who is remembered by for playing Charles Dickens in Doctor Who 103 The Unquiet Dead, although its probable Callow will be playing a different character this time.

From what we already know about 613; it features some major historical changes, Winston Churchill as the Holy Roman Emperor riding his personal Mammoth in to London and Pterodactyls attacking children in Hyde Park - Phew!



The Scientist said...

He also played a Blathereen in SJA, I doubt they'll be in it though. He could be Charles Dickens again, you never know.

liminalD said...

That's an AWFUL title, it just sounds weird, ugh.

The Snappy Sneezer said...

Great title and I think he will be Dickens.

TheMarkJoe said...

Indeed, if time's been muddled up then maybe Dickens was born much later.

The Key Family said...
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