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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Dan Hall at Time 5 - Doctor Who

Dan Hall from 2 Entertain was at the Time 5 convention.
He said the company had just signed off on 'makings-of' documentaries for both Shada and The Reign of Terror (both by Chris Chapman). He added that they were still exploring ways of presenting Shada in a positive way - there are now several versions of Shada in existence.

He  gave an explanation of how Episode 1 of The Dinosaur Invasion was colourised. The process, which results in an imperfect but tantalising 'glimpse' of the colours in the original, apparently finds colour-signals as noise in the black-and-white recording, and bring them forward onto the screen.

The idea of animating complete missing stories was raised, and Hall said he would theoretically prioritise filling in stories with missing episodes before thinking about complete stories - and even at that point, it would be unlikely while 2 Entertain was the sole funder.

As for why The Reign of Terror was chosen for animation over, say The Ice Warriors, Hall said "Doctor Who has so many great monster stories, why not save them for another day. It doesn't have so many great pure historical stories, so why not celebrate that?"

Terror of the Zygons is being worked on at present, though Hall re-iterated it would not be released in 2012. The company is "exploring" the idea of doing "something special" with the story, along the lines of Day of the Daleks, he said, though there was no guarantee that it would be Special Editioned.

The idea of further Revisitations box sets were 'intriguing' he said, throwing names like The Visitation, Claws of Axos and Inferno into the discussion. But, he said, any further Revisitations box sets would 'have to be worth it.'

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