Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Doctor Who Series 7 Title Revealed?

A poster on Gallifrey Base has claimed a fellow actor he was recently working with had an audition page for either Episode Three or Four of Doctor Whio series 7, and the title of the episode is THE GUNSLINGER!

And remember this quote from an author "My episode is in a genre I’ve never written before — frankly, no one has written in that genre for quite a while now." - So could it be a western?

Of course titles are subject to change and we might well be adding two and two together and getting three. There is also the fact that the title is very similar to the First Doctor serial The Gunfighters, so there’s a good chance that the title is a place holder title, or is it a prequel or sequel?

But with the revelation that the series will be shooting on location in Spain, a western themed episode seems like a reasonable idea, given that a number of Spaghetti Western’s including Serigio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy were shot there!


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