Friday, 29 June 2012

Doctor Who Gets New(ish) Logo

The Official Doctor Who BBC Website and various other Doctor Who online pages have all updated with a new type of logo.

The Logo, is very similar to the previous and is hardly different, but it can be seen with the 'DW Tardis Shaped' logo on the right hand side instead of the middle between the text.
This will probably be the Logo now appearing in the title sequences in the Tv episodes and printed on associated merchandise. It is however unknown whether a new title sequence will be in place for Series 7.

As well as the tv show, The Official Doctor Who Magazine, Printed by Panini, has also changed their logo slightly.


George Sabourin said...

I'm confused, if you go to the official website, the logo looks silver and stone look. So which one is the new one?

grockster said...

It never made sense to have it in the middle: DoctorDWWho

TimeyWimey said...

The one on the site looks silver and stoney. I would've thought that was the new logo. 

Robert Cyberman said...

Why would the logo being a different colour confuse you?  It will be used in many different colours, do doubt.  The difference is simply the positioning of the DW and thats all that matters really