Tuesday, 2 April 2013

First On-Set Photos Arrive from Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Filming

Possible spoilers ahead, read with risk -
Before the news of the Zygons return, a couple of images have come through from today's filming of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.

The First comes from @cazj911 at Ivy Tower in Neath, who tweeted out: "Just seen the TARDIS and set for in Ivy Tower, Neath!!!! "

He followed the picture up with the tweet: "David Tennant was here, in some kind of medieval set with a St George flag! WHAT DOES IT MEAN!! Can't wait to see it "

Another Image from Ivy tower from @Erin_Rickard shows the medieval scenery: 

@beccarees11 added: Set was big tent with a St George's flag next to it, also a horse on set too!
 @ryanfarrr posted: I've been waiting for three years to post this tweet: Matt Smith and David Tennant have arrived on set

Finally @oliviamorgan246 posted a small image that shows David Tennant in what looks to be the 10th Doctor  costume: 

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