Wednesday, 30 October 2013

"This is not a fake": DW paintings in Leamington

Another day, another article about a dedicated DW fan artist, and this story gets more interesting as you dig in. The Leamington Courier (of Royal Leamington Spa, otherwise known as the town to get the most exquisitely sardonic DW website tie-in back in 2006) did up an article about painter Kevin Parrish. The full version is at the link as per usual.

"Science fiction fan and Leamington artist Kevin Parrish has created an original collection of oil paintings and sketches to pay tribute to the Doctor Who books and television series. Discovering Doctor Who - inspired by the 50th anniversary of the programme and the recent discovery of lost Patrick Troughton episodes - is on at Kevin’s studio in Old Milverton until November 23."

"An avid follower of both the books and the television series and recordings since childhood, Kevin remembers that he was frightened when watching the programmes as a child, but so drawn to them that he would continue to watch through the gap in the door frame of his lounge at home. His latest piece of original artwork is a portrait of Peter Capaldi, to celebrate the announcement of the 12th Doctor this year."

"Anyone who would like to see Kevin’s Discovering Doctor Who exhibition is asked to arrange an appointment for some time between 10am and 4pm from Monday to Saturday by calling him on 332708 or email [email protected] "

His website offers a lot more details about his dedication to DW fandom, though - there's pictures of Peter Cushing and his Christopher Eccleston Radio Times cover, chit-chat about his trip to Longleat and pictures for 90s fanzines, and a much more thorough look at his collection of DW paintings. Most of those pictures are priced at two hundred pounds or so (the new series ones go for a bit more), but several of the DW ones have been turned into a twelve-pound jigsaw puzzle that's also available through his website. It's always nice seeing a story about a fan who's successfully turned his hobby into his profession (after years as a draftsman, he switched to painting full time in 1995 and has been busily painting scenic railroads, gorgeous landscapes, and a great many 60s celebrities ever since).

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