Wednesday, 25 December 2013

How to Watch The Time of the Doctor Live and Afterwards

It's Christmas and it is time to watch Matt bow out!

First of all, where and when is it broadcasting on it TV?

  • UK: BBC One (HD) at 7.30pm
  • USA: BBC America at 9/8c
  • Canada: Space at 9pm EST.
  • Australia: ABC1 on Boxing Day at 7.30pm
  • New Zealand: Prime on Boxing Day at 8.30pm
  • South Africa: BBC Entertainment on Boxing Day at 11.25am
  • Germany: Fox at 9.35pm
  • Scandinavia and Poland: BBC Entertainment on 29th at 7pm. 
  • South America: BBC HD at 2pm ST.

But a lot of people won't be able to watch it on BBC1, BBC America or anywhere else. They'll be required to either stream it online or watch it afterwards so here's are the top ways to stream it live online:

Please note that regardless of your online viewing method, it is delayed, so you'll probably find out via Twitter/Facebook/Chatbox up to a minute or two before it comes through. 
  • I've collected together a few online streaming sites and embeds. You can access this here.
    • Hopefully, between now and the showing I can add a few more streams to the page. 
    • It says it on the front page, but I'll say it here. A LOT of free online sites put up tons of adverts that are a pain. Make sure you have Adblock installed, and look out for the close button (the X's) on any popups/adverts that may appear. Some sites are a real stinker.
    • If you wish to chat, please create a Chatango account. I will most likely block anons as it will get extremely crowded.
  • Use Hola Unblocker or Media Hint to access the iPlayer BBC 1 live stream.
    • Please note, that these are not recommended due to privacy concerns. They work by routing all your traffic through their servers. Servers and bandwidth need to be paid for and the only thing they have from you is all your activity through their services. If you use them, install it for the stream and uninstall straight afterwards.

If time zones are confusing you, you can click here to immediately compare time zones and your local time.

Of course, people don't just want to watch it live. They'll want to see it afterwards too. Never fear! The Doctor is here!

There are numerous ways you can watch it officially, the main choices are:

  • Apple iTunes
  • Amazon Instant Video
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Google Play
  • Microsoft XBOX Video
  • Samsung Hub
  • Sony PSN
  • VDIO
  • Vudu 

As usual, we will put up download and streaming links however (also as usual), the priority will be on getting the episode up to stream and download on Doctor Who Media. Please register now because we will undoubtedly be swarmed with traffic and therefore we will be restricting sign-ups soon (there will be a notice on the page with more info) and perhaps even need to take further action. (Also, don't keep refreshing. Each refresh takes resources and hundreds of people doing it at once will affect site performance and slow it down. It is the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.)


Mikayla Johnson said...

I didn't find this site until after it ended and I don't have cable. Is there any way to stream it free and legally online still?

Maggie said...

Do you know when the time of the doctor will be on iTunes?