Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Writers for Series Eight - Cross, Ford, Gatiss, Moffat, Roberts

The previously announced writers for the next series of Doctor Who have been Moffat's regulars - Moffat himself, obviously, plus Mark Gatiss, Neil Cross, and Gareth Roberts (the interview Roberts did with Quench, as recommended by Doctor Who News, is a nice read, though utterly devoid of exciting spoiler details). Now Phil Ford's joining the party, which comes as welcome news to anyone who enjoyed his work for the Sarah Jane Adventures or the Adventure Games. Or indeed, his half of "The Waters of Mars". He's rather delighted about it on his Twitter.

Nevertheless, it's still months to go to the actual series, so here's a slightly different sort of DW video that Roberts has done recently (well, to a certain value of recently). More where this came from.


Matt Grimster said...

I'm one of the Video Games Editors for Quench, awesome to see our magazine getting a mention :D

Dorothy Ail said...

Glad to mention it, hope you'll stay around!