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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Doctor Who Series 8 Leak Update: Episodes 2 and 3 Now Available

Several weeks after the initial script and workprint leaking, episodes two and three are now available online.
While episode two was added at the same time as episode one, it has taken all this time for a seeder to appear online. Episode three was added as soon as episode two was fully seeded, but has taken a few days to also become available and is now very slowly propagating.

Like the first workprint, this one is also in black and white, with missing ADR and finished CGI, although it isn't cropped for an unknown reason.

It can be presumed that the other three episodes will follow in due course.

BBC Worldwide gave an update last month thanking fans for keeping spoilers at bay and they have performed disciplinary action.

As before, please keep links and spoilers obtained from this leak off the site. Thanks.

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  1. Sorry, I am a devoted fan from Episode #1 in the dark ages, and I think publicizing these links is sad. Anticipation and discussion is a large part of the fun of the Doctor's program. But then I am a 68 year old female artist so what do I know.


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