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"Combom is a magpie site, gathering things from wherever it can, but it does it with a wit, style, clarity and attitude that always makes it worth a visit (and we love the minimalist design)."
— SFX's 2011 Blog Awards 
A Brief History

From the humble origins of Life, the Universe & Combom, Combom.co.uk has grown into the most comprehensive blog for all things Whoniverse. Webmaster and creator Combom first posted on Blogger in March of 2008 to discuss his daily life and everything that interests him, including Who; but when his Doctor Who posts in particular became immensely popular, he focused his efforts on the news and views that Whovians enjoy most. Since 8 August 2008, the rebranded Life, Doctor Who, & Combom has earned over 14 million hits and a loyal readership of tens of thousands.

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