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Monday, 1 January 1990

Thanks Everyone for our 10 million hit milestone!

At some point on Sunday, we had our 10th million hit....what a milestone! :) We didn't even need to get out Tom's dancing donkey! The pantomime horse is still coughing up blood from the last we (well...I) partied with it. We need a replacement.

Thanks to everyone who participated in us getting there. There will be a "WTF is happening with the blog?!?!?" post later on today simply because a lot of you have been asking so all shall be revealed then! (Even if I have to get Skaro, Mike and whoever else there is to get my corkscrews out to force me to do it!).

Basically....Thanks to everyone who have supported us in getting there: everyone who has ever visited, commented, emailed and even complained (albiet constructively). Special thanks go to Mentalfoto (Mike Jackson) who has managed to keep the posts going while the rest of us'll have to wait and see, hmm?

Thanks go out to the following people (We've added some to the start):

Lets have a look elsewhere:

On our Twitter page, we currently have 1600+ followers. Our Facebook page, which was a fairly recent shift from being "friended" to being liked, currently has 800+ likes. Combom's flickr has had __ views. A few of us also have our own personal twitter accounts. For example, Skaro's has 210 followers while mine has 66 followers (though that may be because I refuse to do any "I'll follow me and I'll follow you" crap. I want people to follow me because they want to not feel obliged to).

My Doctor Who Media YouTube channel has had well over 4 million hits with more than 7,000 subscribers. Skaros Unreleased Doctor Who music channel has got almost 400 thousand views with just over 600 subscribers.

And to those people who keep emailing us asking about adverting them for money (which is about twice every week): No, we will not advertise your crappy bingo sites (or anything else). Stop asking.

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