Monday, 6 April 2009

Watch All The Doctor Who Patrick Troughton Episodes For Free

Alternatively, Here are all the second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) stories;

Season 04 Continued

Episode 030 The Power of the Daleks
Episode 031 The Highlanders
Episode 032 The Underwater Menace
Episode 033 The Moonbase
Episode 034 The Macra Terror
Episode 035 The Faceless Ones
Episode 036 The Evil of the Daleks

Season 05

Episode 037 The Tomb of the Cybermen
Episode 038 The Abominable Snowmen
Episode 039 The Ice Warriors
Episode 040 The Enemy of the World
Episode 041 The Web of Fear
Episode 042 Fury from the Deep
Episode 043 The Wheel in Space
Episode 044 The Dominators
Episode 045 The Mind Robber

Season 06

Episode 046 The Invasion
Episode 047 The Krotons
Episode 048 The Seeds of Death
Episode 049 The Space Pirates
Episode 050 The War Games

The Second Doctor now regenerates into the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee.

Some are recons, some may have occasional episodes missing (also missing from the BBC archives). The good news is all future episodes exist. If you see an episode you enjoy, please do consider buying it!

These are not a replacement for the original DVDs, so if they are on sale, I urge you to consider buying them if you enjoy it.


Joanne Casey said...

Web Of Fear has been taken down, found this one for now...

Combom said...

all missing files now fixed, all present!

Tenisha Fitzgerald said...

Most of these that are crossed out now... you can go to and search them by name...still available to watch.

Chloe said...

Almost none of them are working!

PCJ said...

right now, all of the episodes, recons or regular, are here. GET THEM WHILE THEY ARE HERE! :D

PCJ said...

...except the mind robber. sorry.

zsilszbhfui said...

Troughton has a lot of missing episodes.