Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Watch All The Doctor Who Peter Davison Episodes Here

Alternatively, Here are all the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) Adventures;

Season 19

Episode 116 Castrovalva
Episode 117 Four To Doomsday
Episode 118 Kinda
Episode 119 The Visitation
Episode 120 Black Orchid
Episode 121 Earthshock
Episode 122 Time-Flight

Season 20

Episode 123 Arc of Infinity
Episode 124 Snakedance
Episode 125 Mawdryn Undead
Episode 126 Terminus
Episode 127 Enlightenment
Episode 128 The Kings Demons


Episode 129 The Five Doctors

Season 21

Episode 130 Warriors of the Deep
Episode 131 The Awakening
Episode 132 Frontios
Episode 133 Resurrection of the Daleks
Episode 134 Planet of Fire
Episode 135 The Caves of Androzani

The Fifth Doctor now regenerates into the sixth Doctor, Colin Baker.

Remember this is no substitute for owning the DVDs, please consider buying the ones you enjoy.


Mackenzie said...

is there a way of sticking the videos together so each episode can be played in 1 file?

Combom said...

yes, buy the DVD :)

BJC said...

Time Flight link is not working, here is a replacement.


Combom said...

all present, correct, and fixed :)

matthew bate said...

i love the peter davison era especially his last three stories

Admin said...

Thanks so much for uploading these!

dave1010101011 said...

visitation and earthshock links down
thanks for all the dr who classics =)

PCJ said...

visitation 2 and 4 are missing, earthshock and time fiight also down.

Joshua Caleb McBroom Smith said...

All of the videos, across the entire account, are gone now. :(

Lee Jones said...

Where did they go?