Monday, 26 July 2010

Sapphire And Steel Season 3 DVD Report

Sapphire and Steel was close on an ITV answer to Doctor Who, season 2 was originally transmitted in 1980, so how does it hold up today, 30 years later?

Assignment 5 - Also known as The Dinner Party. Pretending its the 1930s again seemed to be a novel idea for a dinner party, to celebrate fifty years since Lord Mullrines company was founded, with the late Dr. George McDee. But strange things start to happen: The long dead McDee turns up at the party, and one by one, they begin to be murdered, their bodies vanishing shortly afterwards. Secrets and lies from fifty years before are resurfacing, time is trying to rewrite history, and the only ones who can stop it are the two uninvited guests, Sapphire and Steel!

Its A pretty good story, entertaining and well worth seeing!

Assignmant 6 - Also known as The Service Station. Set in an abandoned roadside cafe where time has stopped. Sapphire And Steel find that Silver has arrived several hours before them, which is against normal procedure. The interdimensional operatives remain uncertain as to exactly what they are supposed to be investigating. The key may lie in two humans in the cafe who claim to be from 1948, but are they?

The last ever assignment is a trap to catch Sapphire And Steel forever, and its left with a cliffhanger ending, but both Lumley and McCallum didn't want to do a season 4 :( Again its well worth seeing!

My Season 1 report is here, and season 2 is here. If you want to buy the DVD of all 3 seasons, its here (cheapest site ATM). Next Up Is Timeslip!


The Bradford Curse aka The Snappy Sneezer said...

I got the complete series for 8 bucks a few years ago, well worth much more than that, this series is worth seeking out, especially at that price though in the US it seems to be around 45 now. Great tensions on a low budget makes powerful television.

Combom said...