Friday, 22 October 2010

A Few Snippits of Doctor Who Series 6 information from Doctor Who Magazine

dNot too much regarding Series Six of Doctor Who was revealed in DWM, however there are some small snippets of suspicious information listed below.

Neil Gaiman (speaking from Production Notes): “This is my column. I have total power here. If I wanted to tell you that we only cut the scene in the TARDIS swimming pool because Karen Gillan cannot swim (“But that’s impossible!” I told them. “Her legs are each as long as two fully grown men! Tell her she just has to wiggle them! She’ll whoosh through the water like a speedboat!”) nobody could stop me.
Of course, I might be lying. Nobody could stop me doing that either.”

“And then the writing process became a joyful, or sometimes not quite so joyful, dance between dreams and budget. Seductive Devil’s Advocate Beth Willis would write to me pointing out that in order to make my episode they had already started taking other episodes behind the bike sheds and beating them up stealing their dinner money so I had to stop complaining about losing the Flying Mermaid Army (not a real example) or the Planet of the Rain Gods (I am not actually denying this one) and that the budget no longer ran to Auntie’s unfortunate right arm (but they found some small change under the sofa cushions and so now it does).
There was a table read. The guest star (it is the brilliant Surrane Jones, playing someone who is beautiful, which Surrane is already, and someone who bites, which I do not believe she does, and who just might turn out to be an old acquaintance with a new face) was amazing. The Doctor was there too, although sometimes he pretended to be an actor named Matt Smith, who is part giraffe, just to fool us all.
The script at the table read was great. It was also one day’s shooting too long, of course, so the sequence on the Planet of the Rain Gods went away. (“Do not offend the Rain Gods,” I warned them. “The sacrifice is all that has any chance of stopping the rain. It says so in the scene you are about to cut.”) But they did not listen to me.
It no longer begins with a sacrifice to the Rain Gods. Now it all starts in void-space, with something - or someone - we have not seen since The War Games, and a knock on the TARDIS door...
Neil Gaiman
Somewhere in America
September 2010

PS: As I type this, they are filming in a very rainy quarry. According to director Richard Clark’s Twitter Feed, Crew wet, Cast wet. More rain on its way. All I can see is, I warned them. I suspect it will rain a lot in Cardiff from now on.”

Steven Moffat (Speaking from Gallifrey Guardian): “Right then, what else? Actors, yes, actors - those are good. Daniel Mays and Emma Cunniffe will break your heart in Mark’s beautiful, terrifying story, and in Neil’s gorgeous poem of an episode, Surrane Jones will change the way you see Doctor Who forever - and that’s a hand-on-heart promise.”
Again Thanks Doc!

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richardwatts said...

Between Gaiman's "someone we have not seen since The War Games" and Mark Gatiss showing off his new mustache on Twitter with the comment "Return of the War Chief!" and later tweeting that "the War Chief is never far from my mind" I think I can guess at who we're going to see the return of!!