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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

''Life, Doctor Who, and Combom'' Nominated in SFX Blog Awards 2011

Vote for Life, Doctor Who, and Combom!
Only a few years ago this blog began as Combom's solitary enterprise, a fun hobby for posting the latest and greatest Doctor Who news. Recognition has never been our aim, but our nomination in SFX's prestigious Blog Awards 2011 has proven that the tired cliché still holds true: hard work gets results.
A lot of the sites in this section may lay claim to being “market leaders” but you don’t need to be to get a nomination. Combom is a magpie site, gathering things from wherever it can, but it does it with a wit, style, clarity and attitude that always makes it worth a visit (and we love the minimalist design).
That quote alone makes this competition all worth it. People have asked us before if we take PayPal donations, and businessmen have asked us to advertise their sites and products. We do not. Each and every time we refuse, and SFX's quote about us perfectly captures our motivations and the spirit of Team Combom. We honestly hate asking for votes; it's just not our style. But if you could delay your Doctor Who news and spare a couple of seconds, we will be more than grateful.

We're obviously well-liked. Not only were "members of the SFX Forum, SFX team members and the SFX bloggers" gracious enough to nominate us, but we were even put on the front page blog montage! (Ironically, the image they use is from a certain post that was specifically not about Doctor Who.)

So what exactly are these first-ever SFX Blog Awards?
[This is] where we celebrate the best that SF and fantasy fan-driven and insider-developed internet activity has to offer. These awards aren’t for big, profit-making sites but for sites that were created for the love of the genre, and are maintained by people out of love rather than money.
To win in the Best Franchise-Specific Site category, we will need the support of all our readers, who have made Life, Doctor Who, and Combom a valuable—as well as enjoyable—experience. It certainly has been for us.

Now, SFX's choices have been demonstrably clever, which means we've got some formidable competition against us. The Supernatural Wiki, ChuckTV, The One Ring, The Leaky Cauldron, and even our friends over at Who Fix have all been nominated; but there can be only one winner. If we have, by any measure, earned your support, readership, or friendship, we call upon you now to vote for us.

I think we've embedded enough links to point you in the right direction, but just in case you're blind to links . . .


Combom said...

remember ppl - we dont ask you for sex, drugs or rock n roll, for clicks on adverts, to buy from our shop, or paypal donations. all we are asking for is one little vote - you know you want to and we will love you forever, probably ;)

Lucille7777 said...

You got my vote Combom :)

Combom said...

thanx :)

KevinCV said...

Congrats, fellas! You're definitely having my vote! :)

Combom said...

thanx to everyone who vote for us :0