Tuesday, 12 April 2011

BREAKING NEWS — Embargoed Images from Doctor Who Series 6 Unleashed

Canton Everett Delaware III takes a ride.
At midnight tonight in the UK, a whole host of embargoed images were released by the BBC, and we found a good seven from Digital Spy alone. If you find any more, don't hesitate to contact us about them! We'll be speculating on these images tomorrow, but for now here they are.
Hugh Bonneville as Captain Avery.
Neil Gaiman (left), Suranne Jones (center), and Matt Smith (right).
A green Rory in "Curse of the Black Spot".
Uncle and Auntie offer Idris to the Doctor.
Sarah Smart as a "Ganger"?
Roman Rory with non-Cybus Cybermen!

EDIT: The following were also found in hi-res on The Doctor Who Site.

Click for much larger image. 
Again, just as a reminder, we'll be speculating on this in the morning.


Angelo said...

I saw the premiere in new york, the episodes were amazing. What a start for season 6.

10thPlanet said...

You're very fortunate, both because you were able to see the episodes early and because you probably know how rubbish all our speculation is!

thesilencer said...


TheMarkJoe said...

It would be nice if they had a more distinctive look from the Cybus models, on the other hand if you've got the costumes already why go for unnecessary expense. On the third hand (I'm sure some alien has one) perhaps the Cybus lads have just evolved beyond the need for corporate logos.

"dooroo doo do doo I'm deletin' it"

Caleb said...

Hmmm... I can see how the cyber men aren't cybus. there's the obvious lack of the logo, but the material in between the armor plates, and on the hands, seems much more like the silver jumpsuits of the old cybermen. the hands of the cyberman in the foreground makes it especially obvious.

victoria said...

'Curse of the Black Spot'?!?!

Steven Moffat, have you gone mad?!

Angelo said...

Some of the speculations are quite accurate, I can tell you that episode 1's ending, will piss a lot of people off. It piss me off when I saw it, knowing I was going to watch episode 2. ( not because is bad, it's actually pretty amazing, is because of something else)