Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sightings of the Silence or indications of their presence in Doctor Who Series 5

Here are claims the Silence have been seen in Doctor Who series 5, before we were looking for them! Its certainly an interesting read, here.


pbellosom said...

Another one that this list missed was earlier in the Lodger at around 13:53.

Not entirely sure whether the sarcophogus one wasn't just a crew member walking into shot.

Not sure about the others as I don't have the DVDs to hand, but I'm fairly certain the Lodger one is there.

MrGrumpy said...

Watched first 3 episodes again for this.
Although I noticed a few continuity things (clock in Amelia's kitchen doesn't move, Rory's badge issued in 1990, so how old is he?), none of the scenes mentioned convinced me as evidence of 'Silence in Series 5'
If they were intentional, it's surely too subtle to be worthwhile.
So far, nobody has shouted
'My God, whats that?'
'Whats what?'

andreia.paxtana said...

I've stopped believing in some of those sightings since yesterday. If Amy and Rory did see a Silent, why didn't they remember it when they saw them this time? It made sense before, but not anymore.

JohnnyB said...

I don't buy the early Eleventh Hour one--when the Doctor is hanging out of the TARDIS. I've lots of chatter about this for a while, but I think he's just straining to pull himself up. The camera angle is odd so we can see out of the doors below him. My 2 cents anyway ;-)

D0ct0r11 said...

@MrGrumpy - The date on Rory's badge was confirmed to be a production error by the Moff himself.

@andreia - Even if they saw a Silent before, they still wouldn't remember it. Joy (the woman in the toilets) didn't remember the Silent each time she turned back. Amy only had a brief recollection of the monster when she saw another one oustside the Oval Office, she didn't fully remember it.

barnert said...

Well, the fact that "silence will fall" was such a big part of last season, never got resolved, and obviously points to The Silence this season implies that they've been doing at least some multi-season plotting.

In fact, it's possible that many of the things people thought were leading to The Big Bang are all leading to this season's finale.

For example: Last season, in nearly every episode, the Doctor says "There's something I'm missing", "There's something I'm not seeing", "There's something I'm not getting", "There's something we're not remembering", or another variant. In every case it fits the surrounding story's plot--there's a perception filter, or they've forgotten that the statues should have two heads, or whatever. But they also all tie together to the larger theme of remembering--Bracewell remembering himself into humanity, Amy remembering Rory back into existence, and finally the whole crew remembering the universe back into reality. And it's pretty obvious that remembering is going to be a big part of this season as well.

And when you listen to the lines again--why does the Doctor so often sound like he's talking about something else at first, and only then correct himself? For example, at the end of Victory of the Daleks, he says "There's something else, something we've forgotten..." before correcting himself to "or rather you have", referring to her not remembering the Daleks. He hadn't forgotten the Daleks--so what had they both forgotten that he almost picked up on, before focusing instead on the more obvious fact that Amy forgot the Daleks?

It's also possible that some of the "failed clues" from last season--the fairy tale references, the countdown to 0, the various sightings of the future Doctor that turned out not to be him, etc.--are actually pointing to this season. (It might be worth going back through the list of those sightings to see if any of them might be Silents.)

TheMarkJoe said...

Well there's definitely someone/something behind the sarcophagus in what looks like a long black hooded cloak as for the fleeting movement at the edge of screen, could be crew could be character.

Patty said...

The Lodger scenes always struck me as odd. She acted like she was yelling at him, but it was never at a time that seemed like she *ought* to be. This makes much more sense. The figures in the Big Bang just seemed too deliberate to be crew members standing in the shot pretending to be shadows or something. Also, they're really freaky scary and when I saw the one move, I jumped. How did we not see this before?? But now the one in Vampire in Venice, I don't think that's a sighting. The Doctor had gone ahead of Rory and Amy and had probably opened the door for them, but they stopped outside, and it swung shut.

barnert said...

A friend of mine told me that there's an interview where Piers talks about how the Moff likes to put extra stuff in the background that's actually completely ambiguous and doesn't necessarily mean anything, but could be retroactively seen as foreshadowing, just so the fans can "figure it out" 4 months later and talk about how brilliant it is?