Monday, 2 May 2011

Just (Doctor) Who Is Eye Patch Lady?

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Now that has jogged your memory hasn't it, many of you will have already forgotten about this scene.

Amy was trapped in Greystark Hall, and a slot in a door opened, we saw the woman (as above), who has a futuristic looking patch over her right eye, she commented that "I think she's just dreaming...", was Amy asleep? But she didn't look at Amy, so was she talking about someone else (the spacesuit child maybe?). The slot then closed and disappeared. When the door was opened the woman was nowhere to be seen.

Cyber-technology has been suggested as the eye patch?

From the closing credits; Eye Patch Lady - Frances Barber - In 607 we learn her name is Kovarian! Her online CV is here.


CC said...

Er...pretty sure the Eye Patch Lady is credited as "Frances Barber". Says so on the Doctor Who website as well.

emilie said...

She really looked like Laura Palmer's mother in Twin Peaks. Actually, the whole scene in Greystark Hall felt very Lynch-esque!
PS: It was great watching it live thanks to you, guys. You are definitely the best :-D

Terri Savage said...

The Eye Patch Lady moment was a page from the David Lynch play book -- very Twin Peaks, but very Steven Moffatt as well. I'm intrigued now that she may have referred to the child and not Amy. Hmm? Good catch. So what's the deal with the patch, Steven? Can't wait to find out!

rzochoa said...

i just wanted to mention, though it is only connected to doctor who by an actress, but alex kingston played a person with the last name Pond in one of the american versions of Law & Order.