Thursday, 9 June 2011

Doctor Who Autumn Series Transmission Dates

This poster claims he got this information from BBC America, I can't find it, so pinch of salt time, BUT they are probably about right. They are of course BBC America transmission dates, but the UK and US are supposed to be on the same day (unless the USA has another holiday lol :) )

Torchwood Miracle Day will end at the end of August or beginning of September...

September 3, 2011 - Let's Kill Hitler
September 10, 2011 - What Are Little Boys Made Of?
September 12, 2011 - The Green Anchor
September 24, 2011 - The God Complex
October 01, 2011 - Season Finale part 1
October 08, 2011 - Season Finale part 2 (ALL titles TBC of course)
(one isn't weekly though, 10th then 12th, is 12th meant to be 17th, probably is for the UK?)

October will see the Sarah Jane Adventures final episodes.

Then Christmas Day for the Doctor Who special.

And of course there are the Confidentials etc.

And yesterday on Twitter is was confirmed that Doctor Who season 7 will be on in 2012, so don't listen to Private Eye (who where joking anyhow), or The Sun (who are f*cktards).


Dangerously Superb said...

Why are eps 9 and ten two days apart? well, sooner the better!

hawkmoth said...

LOL indeed. I've been worried about this since the Memorial Day Weekend delay. Sept.3-5 is Labor Day Weekend in the US of A and BBCA will again assume no will be at home in America to watch.

Farsighted said...

Well, for one thing, there is no two-part finale. The final is episode 13.

The penultimate episode, episode 12, has a working title of "Lodger 2". That's the one with James Corden.

The others are probably correct, depending on what they finally chose for Gatiss' episode (there are a couple other titles proposed, according to him).

Tenisha said...

The episode that says Sept 12 is actually supposed to say Sept 17.

RJ said...

Yeah! If this is right then part one of the final is on my birthday!!!

Dylan said...

That means the series finale is on my birthday! That'll be a great present! :D

Jeanne said...

If it's like in Norway, they consider late Aug/early Sept to be autumn because the temperature is already lower and the days shorter....where in the USA, we generally go by the solstice/equinox rather than the weather to define seasons.

Unfortunately, that means it comes back on Dragon Con weekend! Biggest scifi con on the US East coast! oh the choices and sacrifices one must make for scifi! btw..we need to get some Dr Who representation at Dragon Con!

Jeanne said...

I supposed BBC America may postpone the season a week in the US anyway as that first weekend is Labor ...maybe they could show it on time in a special screening at Dragon Con? lol!