Sunday, 30 October 2011

Canton Delaware Back for Doctor Who Series 7?

Mark Sheppard has hinted that we may be seeing more of his Doctor Who character, Canton Delaware, in future.

Speaking in an interview with Stuff, Sheppard reflected on his involvement on Series 6 and teased “To emerge that Canton is in fact one of the friends that the Doctor deemed should be present at his death eludes to perhaps some further involvement…

He raises a good point. It did seem a little strange that Canton was considered special enough to get an invite after only one story together. Especially when there were other people the Doctor knows and trusts far more.

To add to this, Doctor Who is still trying to break Amerca so what better way then the return of a US character?



DJ Rob Cyberman said...

I thoroughly enjoyed Canton as a character. If he comes back that would be great, but do the BBC really need to do another US story? Many other countries have supported the show along with the UK from its inception. How about Australia for example? We've had an Australian companion, Tegan but the Doctor has never had a story / adventure there. The ABC in Australia (Channel 2 where its broadcast) have always recieved good ratings with WHO, and in its time slot it usually comes either first, second or third in the ratings for showing. We need the Doctor here. I could see the Tardis landing on the Opera House steps or Ayres Rock. The Doctor himself says the Tardis doesn't get noticed. Well it doesn't get noticed in the UK, because thats where police boxes come from. It would elsewhere and that could add to the story. Just an idea :)

Fezmeister said...

I'd love Canton to return. He was an enjoyable character.

Just imagine a Jack and Canton episode. He could appear in Torchwood! *fangasm*