Monday, 14 November 2011

Doctor Who Snippet: Whispering

During the conversation between River and The Doctor in his dying moments in Let's Kill Hitler, the Doctor whispered something into her ear, after someone asked him what it was on Twitter he (Moffat) revealed it was something we all wasn't expecting...but re watching it, he does what he whispers, this comes direct from Moffat on what the Doctor said.

Steven Moffat

"I just unbuttoned your jacket." No, really, go watch it again.

Did you notice this, or did you have to re watch it to make sure too?


Sean said...

Except her jacket was already unbuttoned before she leaned over, and all he did was pull it slightly more open, holding it by the top button. I wouldn't call that unbuttoning. And I would call this a lie from SM.

TaMant said...

He wasn't lie he was joking. Moffat is very much sarcastic on twitter.