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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Torchwood Miracle Day Unofficial Soundtrack Download Free!

Did you miss this yesterday - If so, read on!

I have been putting off posting this for many months but I have finally decided to release this:

The Torchwood Miracle Day soundtrack was made over a course of 12 weeks, from which 10 of it was spent watching the episodes and taking the music from it, the final two weeks, asking people to design a special back and front cover for it for download (it will be added to this post sometime later when I have found it in the archives on my Laptop) now I am in the position to give you something back because of the valuable views you have given me on Youtube, here I now present you with the unofficial Torchwood Miracle Day soundtrack, free for you to download.

Please do not try to sell this on or upload it to any sites like YouTube, thank you.

To download it click here.


njm19 said...

Great work...many thanks.

Spencer Mitchell said...

How can I listen to this music? When I download it, it's downloaded as a document, so it won't work. Could somebody please respond? Thanks.