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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New Doctor Who Assistant Announced?

It has been rumoured from Tweets for a while, but it looks like Sophia Myles may be the new Doctor Who assistant!

From her tweet earlier "I'm off to meet @TomSpilsbury for tea and major Dr Who chat this afternoon."

So after Steven Moffat announcing Doctor Who fans should follow her on Twitter, then this, it looks like she is at least in Doctor Who Series 7, and possibly playing the new assistant. This is of course unconfirmed, but looks very possible, so we still need to see how this plays out!

Sophia Myles has previously played Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson (Madame Pompador) in The Girl in the Fireplace, and was romantically involved with David Tennant! The new assistant is rumoured to be not from Earth!


Although the picture at the top is of Sophia, I doubt she will be dressing like that, but I am a sexist pig, sigh... :)

Thanx to RedDalek for the heads up :)


Andrew Davies-Land said...

i thought moffat said we would be getting something unexpected and different, not the same old eye candy. *le sigh* 

Guy Lambert said...

The most tenuous item ever! Do you really think Tom would be allowed to tweet about this if it were true?!

com bom said...

as i said - 
This is of course unconfirmed, but looks very possible, so we still need to see how this plays out! - but something seems afoot!

Chris2Point0 said...

The Doctor NEEDS a WingMAN!

gbollard said...

Well, they can't bring her back in the same role unless they resurrect her ... like half the other characters... (sigh).

Maybe she'll come back as an alien.  I can really see her happily putting on latex and blue paint every day - NOT.

globutl said...

I read somewhere that fans are very good at fixing things in stories that don't work. Here's mine: Madame de Pompadour was really an alien. She was kidnapped before she died by her people and replaced by a ganger on Earth. The Doctor visits her actual home planet and takes her away with his TARDIS. 

DucktorHoo said...

Um, this was about an interview with her for Doctor Who magazine. You should really check before you hold rumours to be "true".

Tom Shersmith said...

He doesn't state anywehre that ti is fact - all he says is rumoured.

DucktorHoo said...

"Unconfirmed but very possible" seems like jumping to conclusions to me. They shouldn't be so hasty in their remarks.

Guy Lambert said...

Loving your work Com Bom, but I think this one is pushing it :-)

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Joseph Taylor said...

I think hers will be a guest role, not a regualr one. By the way, I think I've worked out the cryptic visual clue left by Steven Moffat. The image refers to the thespian term 'triple threat' (hence the three enemies of The Doctor), which means someone who can act, dance and sing. I thought about it, and I could not think of any other meaning: it has to be that other explanation fits.