Sunday, 8 July 2012

Guess who's Back, back again?

Filming has recently been taking place for the Series 7 episode of Doctor Who, which has the rumoured title of 'The Crimson Horror'. But in several shocking revelations a lot of familiar faces have appeared on set! So far the returning cast (except Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman) include:

Commander Strax - Played by Dan Starkey

In this role, Starkey plays previously seen character Commander Strax who is the the Butler of a rather familiar character, Madame Vastra.
We also get to not only see a Sontaran in a suit - but in a top hat too!

Jenny - Played by Catrin Stewart

Jenny is yet again seen on screen alongside popular Silurian Madame Vastra. It is identified that this episode is set in Yorkshire in a town.
She is wearing the usual maid getup and has been seen having a one-to-one conversation about 'Clara' to the Doctor in a scene.

Madame Vastra - Played by Neve McIntosh

Silurian, Madame Vastra makes her second appearance in this episode and can be seen walking about the town (like it's something you see everyday...) with a veil over her head and a hat on.

Could this be set after AGMGTW - Thus meaning Strax didn't die (because we saw him gasp, but we didn't see him die on screen they just...left him)

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Whopix said...

oops - you`ve captioned this as Catrin Stewart playing both Jenny and Madame Vastra...

Jack Bailey said...

Must be post-AGMGTW, Strax didn't know Vastra and Jenny before hand. The idea of a Sontaran being the Butler of a Silurian who is having a lesbian relationship with her human maid sounds like Moffat's version of 'Being Human'

com bom said...

a sontaran odd-job then :)

Harvey Hamilton said...

Sontarans are a clone species? So it could be another of Strax' "brothers from the same batch!

Guy Lambert said...

May I just say how nice it is that you credit your photo sources properly

Hannah said...

Thats just weird. :-/
But, like the other guy commenting said, sontarens are a clone
Species, so it could be Strax's brother

thesnappysneezer said...

I never got the notion Strax died.  River was charged with returning them to their proper places and Vastra took an obvious interest in Strax. I had hoped this would happen and this looks more and more like a spinoff may be forming.