Friday, 3 August 2012

"Whovian" added to the Oxford English Dictionary!

We did it! Whovians around the world rejoice, we are now a real word! (According to the Oxford English Dictionary)

You can see the definition in this picture(As if you didn't know it already!) 

Also you can read it at

So now when you tell auto-correct its a real word, you don't seem as crazy!


Charles Fulcher said...

Was it really added to the OED? Or just to this other website referred to as "Oxford Dictionaries?" Because the latter is definitely not the former. To look up anything in the OED online you need a paid membership/subscription.

Dallas Jones said...

I am a DoctorWho fan not a Whovian, (it sounds like I would be vacuum cleaner). I have been in fandom since 1976 and this "name" only appeared in the 80s when the Doctor Who Club of America (now defunct) called their newsletter the Whovian Times. (Yuk!!)

Gert Lassitude said...

re oed vs oxford dictionaries online - oxford dictionaries online
content is mainly from two oxford 'academic' dictionaries - ODE and NOAD
- and - plus some
others. but charles is right, it isn't the OED, which is a different
beast and slower to update. ODE is the largest *single volume* english
dict published by Oxford.

if you have access to the full version of oxford dictionaries online and
thus access to the sound - the person pronouncing 'whovian' is me, by the way.

Joe Kessler said...

I just checked, and Whovian is NOT in the OED. This website is not affiliated with the OED in any fashion, as far as I can tell.