Saturday, 30 March 2013

Doctor Who Receives a Peabody Award

The BAFTA nominations are not the only news about Doctor Who gaining recognition in excellency (see post below). On 27th March 2013, it was announced that Doctor Who had received a Peabody award for the year 2012.

"For 50 years, and in many incarnations, the Doctor saved us from a host of circumstances that could have ended us all. May we continue to be so protected as long as television shall live," said the Dean of the Grady College of Georgia University Dr. Cully Clark after he announced Doctor Who as a recipient.

The Peabody awards have not set a limit to how many can be given out in a year, and they do not have specific categories. The awards are, however, considered a wonderful honour.

"The Peabody awards are the world's oldest award for electronic media, presented by the University of Georgia since 1941," said Horace Newcomb, the director of the Peabody awards.

The description on the Peabody website reads, "Seemingly immortal, 50-years-old and still running, this engaging, imaginative sci-fi/fantasy series is awarded an Institutional Peabody for evolving with technology and the times like nothing else in the known television universe."

This was been the first Peabody award Doctor Who has received.

If you would like to find out more about the Peabody awards and its recipients, you can click here.

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