Friday, 29 March 2013

Doctor Who VFX Company 'The Mill' to close

Confirmation that the Video FX department of 'The Mill''s closure came from Director Douglas Mackinnon late last night. The Mill have produced some wonderful Video FX over the years for great shows such as Merlin, Sherlock, Torchwood and Doctor Who. 

The Mill CEO Robin Shenfield said that Mill TV, which had successfully built itself a reputation for vfx on shows such as Doctor Who and Merlin, "had weathered losses in 2012 and those losses had accelerated in the first quarter of 2013."

The facility will now focus primarily on its commercials business.

The department had suffered a number of setbacks such as failing to join the roster on Starz/BBC production of DaVinci’s Demons and the cancellation of Sky’s Sinbad sequel.

“While TV vfx have been less volatile than film – last year the US studios spent far less than they did in 2011– TV also seems to have caught the bug and there have been less of those high end commissions and repeat series.”
To see a video of their Video Fx during Series 5, click the video below:

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