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Friday, 10 May 2013

PCJ's 11 Nightmare in Silver Teasers

Nightmare in Silver airs tomorrow, but here are some teasers for the episode:

  1. "You had to go and steal a sports car. Get yourself noticed."
  2. "Don't Wander Off.........sweet dreams"
  3. "You've had some cowboys in here."
  4. "It's not a rat....It's a CyberMatt!
  5. "I've got a sandwich!"
  6. "It's not broken. It's empty."
  7. "No ma'am. Just blow the sucker up."
  8. "I'm allowing you access to memories on Timelord......"
  9. "That's your secret weapon? Cleaning Fluid?"
  10. "It's not from me. It's from the TARDIS."
  11. ".....squeezed into a skirt that's just a little bit too......tight."


Farsighted said...

Don't wander off, and you've had some cowboys in here are things the Doctor said to Amelia Pond in The Eleventh Hour...

Riversong 2 said...

that reference to a sports car sounds like it came from lets kill hitler