Saturday, 22 June 2013

Paul Cornell and Andrew Lane discuss Doctor Who fanzines & more

Tor Books has posted a twenty-minute podcast from two well-known DW authors. Briefly, Andy Lane and Paul Cornell chat about their current book series, and the beginning of their writing careers as Doctor Who fanfic writers. It's a very good potted history of the Virgin New Adventures for those who aren't familiar with them: the two explain how they went from fans to writing for the book range that carried on with writing Who after the end of the TV series and the Target novelisations. All rather fun, with namechecks for Frank Richards, the Fitzroy Tavern, and lots of other Doctor Who writers.

Andy Lane expounds upon the two YA series he's currently doing: Young Sherlock Holmes and Lost Worlds (both based upon Arthur Conan Doyle, of course. Lane is quite the Doyle fan, as the reference to All-Consuming Fire makes clear). Paul Cornell's current writing project is his London Falling series, urban fantasy by way of police procedural. He blogged about the podcast recording session on his website here.

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