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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Paul McGann Denies Anniversary Involvement?

Following various unsourced rumours Paul McGann is to be involved in the Fiftieth Anniversary Special, McGann has seemingly denied his involvement through Twitter:
McGann in Big Finish's 'Dark Eyes'.
heard a whisper that you are going to be in the 50th anniversary dr who, plz say its true :)  x
Yes, I keep hearing similar. Truth is I didn't so much as visit their set as I was away working. Nor was I invited to.
how about the rumor of minisode about the 8th Doctor regenerating for the 50th anniversary?
I've often wondered if rumours, like jokes, aren't all started by the same excitable child or bored old man. 
McGann played the Eighth Doctor on-screen in the controversial 'Doctor Who' way back in 1996, where he was pitted against his arch-nemesis - The Master. His most recent appearance as the Doctor was in 2012's audio production: 'Dark Eyes', where McGann is shown sporting his new costume on the cover.

However disappointing the news may be to some fans, it has to be pointed out that though McGann denies having visited the set of the special, he says nothing about visiting the studio for filming...


Gallifreyan Spitz Shc said...

what 'confuses' me is how do you know which is 'real??

Paul McGann@RealPaulMcGann


>>Paul McGann @pauljmcgann

Gallifreyan Spitz Shc said...

ok so if having a blue 'check' mark means its the REAL person, does this mean both McGann's are fake?

pcjonathan said...

The blue check mark means verified as the real person. Just because it doesn't have a check, doesn't mean it's not verified. Colin's @SawBonesHex for instance.

I would read the description of @RealPaulMcGann if I were you.

Gallifreyan Spitz Shc said...

ok, but you'd think he'd be verified if he wants ppl to know its really him .. until then i just cant believe it 100%

Ian Kerns said...

The 1st one is the one set up by his agent, i'm guessing, and the 2nd one is his personal one.