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Sunday, 4 August 2013

BBC Extends Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor's Simulcast

The BBC have extended the simulcast of the live announcement of the 12th Doctor to Canada and Australia.

Canada can watch it on Space at 2pm ET.

Australia can watch it on ABC 1 at 4am EST (on the Monday).

As a reminder, UK fans can watch it on BBC1 at 7pm and USA fans can watch it on BBC America at 2pm ET.

If time zones are confusing you, you can click here to immediately compare time zones and your local time.


J said...

Never mind that..where can I buy a clock like the one pictured above? its brilliant..

Vertimyst said...

I feel bad for the Australians. 4am on a Monday is going to /suck/. :P

Awesome that it's gonna be on Space, though. I didn't see it there and figured they weren't going to do it since they're not a BBC channel.

Jonathan McClatchey said...

okay so if I can't watch it on TV where can I catch it live through the internet?

Jan Bos said...

O yeah, I love that clock too.