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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Take a Virtual Tour of the TARDIS Console With This Google Maps Easter Egg

We all know that there is a Police Box on Earl's Court Road in London, however Google have added the ability to almost literally walk into the TARDIS via it, with beautiful high resolution imagery.. Click this link to go to a street view of this location and click the double-white arrows directly in front of "the TARDIS" (and to the left of the standard arrow). Or click here to go direct in with the new maps beta. Alternatively, you can also find it by searching "Police Telephone Box" in Google Maps' search box.

Please note:You cannot open it via normal street view. If you use the new maps beta, you can only access it via the search function.

Considering Google have put the effort into making this, we can only wonder what they have in store for November. Definitely at least an awesome Google Doodle on the 23rd!

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Kris Thompson said...

Oh, my son's gonna love this--thank you!