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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Does Davison Make Appearance in 50th Special?

In a recent interview, Fifth Doctor Peter Davison states that not only has he seen the top secret script for November's 50th anniversary special "Day of the Doctor", he's even got his own copy.

Dismissing rumours he's heard as being false, Davison says: "I have got a copy of the script which has got my name embossed across it. So it's top secret, but there's other stuff, lots of other things that are going on that people should keep their eye open for around the 50th anniversary special!"

But just because Davison has the script does not guarantee the Fifth Doctor appears in the special. It could have simply been a gift from series writer Steven Moffat to a former Doctor he admires (and worked with on the popular "Time Crash"). Or could those "other things" Davison mentions be a reference to his recent 'strike' with fellow Classic Who Doctors (which could be a comedic feature for the anniversary proceedings)?

It should be noted a July story from Radio Times (which accurately predicted the Twelfth Doctor announcement would come in August) stated that "one of either Colin Baker, Paul McGann, Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy or Peter Davison will be in the feature length special episode alongside Tennant's Doctor and current incumbent Matt Smith."

Given the low ratings of the Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy seasons and the relative unfamiliarity casual fans might have with one-off Paul McGann, Davison may be the ideal choice of Classic Doctor to feature in the anniversary special.


Sean said...

I speculate all the doctors are going to have audio in it. Possibly threw these "paintings" they'll CG young versions of each actor and they'll all have some sort of new diolouge

J-Biz said...

Surely if he wasn't in it and just wanted to look at the script he would only need to look at his Son-in-Law's copy. There would be no need for Steven to give him a 'gift draft'

Drdunno said...

I've been told by someone I trust that McCoy and Aldred are in it. But have also been told by someone else I trust that no former doctors appear so what you gonna believe?

Matthew Moir said...

The more the merrier I say.