Monday, 21 October 2013

Kickstarter for DW Essay Book

(Because pointing out random things is what we do here on Combom, and this could use some signal-boosting.)

Andrew Rilstone, a blogger fond of writing long, witty essays about pop culture, religion, and folk music, has a Kickstarter going to fund a hardcover/ebook about DW. It would include all of his essays about the show, which involves long thoughtful reviews of everything from "Rose" up to this year's Christmas special, plus "surprises" (many of these essays are on his blog, but there'll be new material, including reviews for Series 6). He has a post up with convenient links to his latest writings on our favourite programme, namely a ten-post essay about ways of thinking about, and writing about, DW (although he doesn't quite have a category for approaching the programme as itself both a reflection and an artifact of cultural trends in Britain, which is a salutary approach...but that's a digression). Said essay is a fair representation of his style, though it is quite big - if you'd like something shorter there's the review of Torchwood "Day One" that offers a nice consideration of the differences between Torchwood and DW in one succinct package, or his essay "Silent But Deadly: Rhetorical Flatulence in "The Aliens of London", in which he examines RTD's satire and Rose Tyler's characterisation via comparisons to Private Eye, Eastenders and the Iraq War. It's rather good.

And since he recorded a video for the Kickstarter, we'll just embed it here. 

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