Saturday, 9 November 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer HD Breakdown: Part 2

The second and final part in our two-parter post breaking down the most recent and action packed trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special.

Kate Stewart, within UNIT. Has a Zygon
just escaped, causing terror in UNIT?

The Brainy-specs are back, in a double dose!

The Three Doctors - Tennant, Smith and Hurt.

Rose Tyler is back! But is the Bad Wolf?
Something is making Rose's eyes glow golden.

A very upset Clara looks on at something...

The Zygons cannot be contained - one has broken free.

Clara, looking rather happy and sporting a Vortex Manipulator

John Hurt looks at a mysterious glowing red object...

"The Moment is coming..."

John Hurt reaches out to grab hold of the Moment.
"I'm ready"

John Hurt in his very own TARDIS.
What's this theme called?

Ah! The Iconic Coral Console - oh how we have missed you

Tennant's TARDIS travelling through
what looks to be some sort of Vortex.

"Geronimo!" - The Doctor shouts while a camera
 with Gallifreyan symbols watches on.
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Gallifreyan Spitz Shc said...

Its 'the moment'.
On a devastated Gallifrey, on the last day of the Time War, the Time Lord Council reports that the Doctor still possesses "the Moment". They have foreseen that he will use it to end the war by destroying the Daleks and Gallifrey. A Time Lady suggests that this might be for the best. At the heart of the Time War, billions are dying, being resurrected and dying repeatedly. The never-ending carnage is a travesty of life. Seeing this as having no faith in his power, the Lord President uses his gauntlet to vaporise her.