Saturday, 27 September 2014

Katy Manning Visits TARDIS Set (w/ Iconic Photo!)

Katy Manning visited the TARDIS set earlier, after finishing shooting Casualty, and popped a few of her pictures up on her Twitter Feed, with a few comments. Here are the highlights. Go to her Twitter feed to see more.

"I had a wonder visit to a familiar place that always smells the same ! Xxx"

"What a truly wonderful moment ! Xxx "

"Peter Capaldi is not only a superb actor but one of the most charming men I have ever met & oh ! Those eyes "

Look familiar?


Antonio Lopez said...

These are awesome! I wonder if the hoodie is an alternate look for Capaldi's Doctor? If so -- I love it!

gbollard said...

Does that mean she might be in the Christmas special?

Luke Foord said...

I'd love if then even just tagged a cameo of her walking down the street at the end as the TARDIS left.

JD said...

I bet she was on the lookout for *that* dalek..!