Saturday, 24 October 2015

Maisie Williams to return to Doctor Who

You may have seen earlier our post where Steven Moffat confirms that Maisie Williams' character Ashildr won't be the next companion, but...we can confirm she will be back in episode 10 of Series 9, alongside 'Rigsy', another returning character from last years episode 'Flatline'.

During today's MCM Doctor Who panel, Sarah Dollard, writer of episode 10 "Face the Raven" revealed that Maisie Williams will return for her third episode of Series 9, as her character teams up once again the TARDIS team. However, Steven Moffat asked everyone not to reveal this until tonights episode had aired.

"Have you ever found yourself in a street you’ve never seen before? The next day, could you not find that street again? You weren’t dreaming. Your memory isn’t playing tricks. Like many lost souls throughout the ages, you have stumbled on an extraordinary secret - be grateful you survived it. The Doctor and Clara, with their old friend Rigsy, find themselves in a secret alien world, folded away among the streets of London. Not all of them will get out alive. One of the three intruders must face the raven..."

We last saw Ashildr appear outside Coal Hill School in a photo featuring Clara and one of her students, so we know she's still keeping an eye over the Doctor's companions, but what could threat could be big enough to bring her out of hiding?

Only a few weeks until we find out...

[source] & Thanks to Ryan Woodley.

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