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The Amazingly Helpful Help Page

Welcome to the amazing "I Need Help!" page. You have been directed here as you need help, for whatever reason. You may have never heard of Google, or you might be too thick to use it, or your question might genuinely be legitimate.

All right, now, what are some of the most common queries?

First, if the file with which you're having trouble is using link protection, you need to click on continue. Yeah, that's it. Now, a note about sites like Rapidshare/Mediafire/Megaupload/etc.- they allow you to download one file, and then you generally have to wait about 15 minutes until the next one. Surely there are other things on the internet you need to do! To avoid subscribing, which does require payment, make sure you select SLOW DOWNLOAD; that is the free download.

If you're still confused, ask Google.

If the archive is a ".rar" or ".zip" file, you probably need this; if you're trying and failing to read a PDF file, most likely you need this. You do not need to pay to register anything. Free versions are enough. If you can't currently download a file, please try later before complaining to us. Servers do become over-subscribed and go onto maintenance too. We have no control over this or the fact that links frequently wear away and die over time. So please do not ask us to restore a link from months if not years ago!

If you're still confused, ask Google.

Please remember our hits are in the range of at least 10,000 people per day. That represents thousands of readers all potentially asking us for assistance. Offering technical support to everyone is simply impossible, and believe it or not, although you as a reader are important to us, you are no more important than anyone else. We'll try to address genuine problems, but allow us time to get back to you from our contact forms. If you are still stuck, try asking for assistance as a comment to the thread; either the authors of this blog or a fellow reader might be able to help.

If you're still confused, ask Google.

Unfortunately the moderators do not E-Mail files to you, search Google for you, or do anything you are capable of doing for yourself. This is not because we are mean. Well, not entirely. We just do not have the time to comprehensively report on so much of the Whoniverse and fix all of our past posts and downloads. It's just too much, and we appreciate your understanding.

People who are still really stuck may find help here or here.
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If you're still confused, ask Google. At this point, it may not bother answering you.