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Thursday, 17 September 2009

The DWM Mighty 200 001-050

The latest issue of DWM has listed the top 200 storys, here are the first 50.

001. The Caves of Androzani.
002. Blink.
003. Genesis of the Daleks.
004. The Talons of Weng-Chiang.
005. The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances.
006. Human Nature / The Family of Blood.
007. Pyramids of Mars.
008. City of Death.
009. The Robots of Death.
010. Bad Wolf / The Parting of the Ways.
011. The Girl in The Fireplace.
012. Turn Left.
013. The Stolen Earth / Journeys End.
014. Remembrance of the Daleks.
015. Dalek.
016. The Seeds of Doom.
017. Terror of the Zygons.
018. The Evil of the Daleks.
019. Earthshock.
020. The Deadly Assassin.
021. Power of the Daleks.
022. Army of Ghosts.
023. Web of Fear.
024. Silence in the Library.
025. Tomb of the Cybermen.
026. Horror of Fang Rock
027. Last of the Time Lords
028. The Ark in Space
029. The War Games
030. The Curse of Fenric.
031. The Invasion
032. Inferno.
033. School Reunion
034. The Daemons
035. The Impossible Planet
036. Spearhead From Space.
037. The Daleks.
038. The Five Doctors.
039. The Green Death
040. The Brain of Morbius
041. Fury from the Deep
042. The Dalek Masterplan
043. Midnight.
044. The Dalek Ivasion of Earth
045. The silurians
046. Revelation of the Daleks.
047. The Time Warrior
048. The Christmas Invasion
049. Fathers Day
050. The Sea Devils

Part 2 soon...


FanaticalWhovian said...

ok disappointed that midnight isn't higher up on the list..and I prefer Runaway bride over xmas invasion..but ok.

newelectricmuse said...

I hope they use these polls to help decide which episodes should be released on DVD...Terror of the Zygons and The Seeds of Doom next please! (Actually they - two of my favourites - did quite well seeing as they're not on DVD yet and not - live the new series - on constant rotation on BBC3). This also leads to the question that is the top part of the list biased towards new series episodes because they're better or because more people have seen them? (I'm not going to try to answer that!)

In a way I try not to take too much account of polls like these because we all have our different reasons for why we like the stories we do and I've never been particularly keen on following the crowd (you should see my music collection!)

It's still interesting to see though. I do think that Blink (good though it is) is a bit overrated - and it's VERY strange that out of all the episodes, new and classic, this is one of the few with hardly any Doctor in it!

newelectricmuse said...

Sorry - I meant to say "like the new series"

StormWolf said...

There must be a typo in there. All the other two-parters from New Who have both episodes listed, but #22 only has Army of Ghosts? No Doomsday? (And how it ended up below Terror of the Zygons...meh. Then again, I'm not fond of Terror of the Zygons, so I'm biased.)

hammard said...

In case anyone is interested I did some stats comparing the new votes and the ones from 1998 (don't judge me, my internet went down).
The biggest falls were:
The Celestial Toymaker: -9.13%
Attack of the Cybermen: -7.87%
The Two Doctors: -6.82%
Whilst the biggest gains were:
The Rescue: +8.68%
The Romans: +8.65%
The Myth Makers: +7.79%
The Time Meddler: +7.66%

This trend is repeated throughout with out of the 30 stories with gains over 3% only 4 were from after 1975. Whilst of the 23 with losses of over 3%, only 6 are from before 1977.
In general serials from 1978 and earlier gained (with the notable exceptions of seasons 4 and 5) and from 1979 onwards fell. The Doctors that gained the most from this with were Hartnell and Pertwee. The big losers were Colin Baker, McCoy and McGann.

In response to New Electric Muse, the votes were percentages not numerical, so epis like the Savages had more radical responses. It is also important to note they divided up this poll and almost half the voters were over 36 and they on average started watching it in 1972 so it still has a large enough comparison. They were very supportive of Blink and School Reunion and close to the average on Human Nature and The Empty Child. And even those viewers only since the new series put half old, half new series epis in.

Sorry to use up your comments section with my pointless stats.

coconaut said...

great work Hammard ... really interesting!

Rik4051 said...

So I must be dense... Is this list saying that Caves of Androzani is the best Who ever? Really? Hmmm.

newelectricmuse said...

Interesting stats, hammard. So did The Romans/The Rescue get the biggest gains because they just came out on DVD?

StormWolf - when you see the restored Terror of the Zygons on DVD with a new CGI Skarasen (aka the Loch Ness Monster) I'm sure you'll change your mind... ;)

jopanic said...

I didn't expect it to be in the first row but where is Doomsday at all? Did they forget it?

hammard said...

It is possible, a lot of the B&W stories that have been successful have come out on DVD recently(and in some cases Audio CD, like the Mythmakers). However, this has not been so with a lot of the Pertwee and T.Baker gains which have been among unreleased stories such as The Demons, Pertwee's dalek stories, invasion of the Dinosaurs, revenge of the cybermen, terror of the zygons.

Also, a lot of the early psuedo-historicals have done really well. The Romans, Time Meddler, Mythmakers, the Gunfighters, War Games, Time Warrior (even an unearthly child and the massacre aren't that historically based and they have increased in popularity). Whilst a lot of the more traditional science fiction stories have done badly such as: Keys of Marinus, Sensorites, Celestial Toymaker, Wheel in Space, Time Monster, Underworld, Invasion of Time, Armageddon Factor, Creature from Pit, Meglos
Logopolis, Arc of Infinity, Twin Dilemma, Attack of Cybermen, Dragonfire, Silver Nemesis. This may also lead to the success of the Romans (although not the Rescue).

Neil said...

Hi - just to let you know I've linked back to this page from a post about The Mighty 200 on my Doctor Who reviews blog, 'Shall We Destroy?'

Hope that's okay!

Γιώργος said...

Well it may actually be true that episodes of the new series are more popular because more people have seen them. And it also is true that one can't always rely on votes and such things. For example I don't think that The Stolen Earth/Journey's End finale should be 13th on the list. Although I liked the first episode nobody can deny that the whole DoctorDonna thing and the way The Doctor cancelled his own regeneration we saw in Journey's End were a bit, just a little bit nonsensial(-ish)...

It is true that stories become more popular when are released one DVD. However that doesn't happen always. Time Flight and Timelash haven't become much more popular than they were.

I also have one last thing to say. Well it isn't strange that stories such as The Sensorties, The Time Monster, Underworld, The Twin Dilemma, Attack of The Cybermen, The invasion of Time and Silver Nemesis failed. They may be more traditional sci-fi but still that doesn't make them good. Nobody can deny that some pseudo-historicals are good, or at least better than some bad episodes.