Friday, 29 April 2011

Read the Online Exclusive SFX Interview with Doctor Who's Arthur Darvill

Although SFX has thus far only released snippets of its interviews with Karen Gillan (see earlier post) and Neil Gaiman, it chose to upload its interview with Arthur Darvill exclusively online! Here are a few of our favourite questions and answers from the full interview.
SFX: So have you died again yet?
"No, no, no . . . well, who knows! (laughs). It's really funny, actually. Last series it was so weird having to keep all that secret. It was such a relief to be able to talk about it eventually. I think I've done my quota of dying, but who knows . . ."
SFX: How are Amy and Rory finding married life?
"Busy! They're not sitting down watching telly and planning dinner parties. They're on the TARDIS. I think it's really interesting having a married couple on the TARDIS – I think it's a good thing. A lot of my friends have got married recently. It's that thing you just think as something that might happen in the future, something that you dream about or whatever. But all my friends who've got married have really made me quite happy, because their lives are still exciting. You've got that image of marriage being the end of something, but I think for everyone I know who's got married it's become the beginning of something really amazing. Amy and Rory aren't your average couple, their relationship doesn't quite work the same as other people's – they're travelling in time with the Doctor, who Amy has obviously got a very strong bond with. But I think it's made Rory far more secure in their relationship. It feels like it's on far more of an equal footing – he feels like he has a right to be there now, I suppose, and by marrying him she's proved that she wants to be with him. I think a lot of that fear is taken away, and they can just get on with being together."
SFX: What do you think are the points of difference between you, Arthur, and Rory the character?
"I don't know! We talk slightly differently. Am I braver? I don't know – I haven't been put into a situation like being face-to-face with a Silurian! I don't know how I'd react. I think he's very loyal. I can't really think in those terms, because if I start comparing me to him I might . . . turn into him or something! I think he reacts to things very differently to the way that I do. Maybe I tend to get angry more, and he bottles stuff up. He's quite good at picking his battles, picking the right time to say something. And I think he's far more articulate and I think he's got more intelligence than he comes across as having, and the more adventures he goes on the more he gets to use his instincts, and I think his instincts are generally good."
SFX: Do you tend to socialise much with your fellow cast members?
"We do as much as we can, but it's so funny, because the workload's so huge, for all of us but especially for Matt, that even just going out for an hour in the evening is tricky with the amount of lines you've got to learn, knowing you've got five scenes to do the next day. It's hard. But we went to see Arcade Fire last night – Matt and I are both big fans, and it was just really great to go out in Cardiff, because I think this year we haven't been out once in Cardiff, we've been doing lots of napping at home. And I like Cardiff a lot, I like the people, and it's a really nice place to work and to go out and have a bit of a life after work. We all enjoy what we're doing so much, and it has to come first, it really does, because we don't want to look back on it and feel that we've wasted any time."
Read the full interview! The latest issue of SFX comes out next week.


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