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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Download Doctor Who "The Girl Who Waited" [UPDATED]

The following are several downloads for "The Girl Who Waited". We'll have more coming as the minutes pass, so keep checking this post for further download options.

Here are two fast, single-part downloads anonymously given to us by PCJonathan.
And once again, Snake is the Prince of Downloads.
If you're hard of hearing, use these subtitles.
    If anyone has downloads that have worked for them, please put your recommendations in the comments.


    Snake said...

    Subtitles are her http://www.addic7ed.com/serie/Doctor_Who/6/10/The_Girl_Who_Waited
    Also, from www.rlslog.net


    Michael Evers said...

    Thank you!

    liminalD said...

    I did the SD single file... thank you guys SO much! I was blown away - there was NOTHING about that episode that wasn't amazing... I think it might just be the best episode since Moffat took over. Stunning... just brilliant. Well done Mr McRae :)

    David Burns Smith said...


    Kalontas said...

    If you can, please try to find more single links in the future. They sure save us some time.