Sunday, 22 April 2012

NIght Shoot Friday April 20th
Photo: mugim0e
Some terrific new shots of the night shoot at the Glamorgan Building in Cardiff by mugim0e. More at his flickr set. 

 Also some great shots by ahremsee as well,

 It seems that from at least one vintage car tag that the location is standing in for a local in NYC in the 1930s. Interestingly in NYC filming last week one vintage car sported a car tag with "36" on it, denoting the year 1936, but in Cardiff the car Alex is seen emerging from sports a 1938 car tag. It's unclear if these are meant to be seen in that sort of detail on screen, but if so it could mean that the plot in the 'past' spans at least a 2 year time period.
Photo: ahremsee


Paul Aspel said...

The bottom of the license plate also says "New York world's fair 1939". I have no idea if that has any significance at all though!

Guy Lambert said...

Just a question: is it possible to hide photos under Spoiler tags or something? I enjoy your site but would rather not see spoilery photos. Ta!

s said...

in the 30s  even years the plates were black with yellow lettering and the odd years were reversed the 38 plates had the fair motto on bottom and the 39 on top.

Myst400 said...

Kind of funny that they had to get a guy to be her driving stand-in who could use a stick-shift.

[Here in New York we've gone back to the old Black & Yellow]