Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Neil Gaiman & Richard Clark Win Bradbury Award for "The Doctor's Wife"

"Richard Clark and I just won a Bradbury Award at the Nebulas for The Doctor's Wife. The award looks like this. I am so very happy." - Neil Gaiman

It beat out a lot of other crappy sci-fi dreck at the Nebula Awards such as:
  • Attack the Block, Joe Cornish (writer/director) (Optimum Releasing; Screen Gems)
  • Captain America: The First Avenger, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely (writers), Joe Johnston (director) (Paramount)
  • Hugo, John Logan (writer), Martin Scorsese (director) (Paramount)
  • Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen (writer/director) (Sony)
  • Source Code, Ben Ripley (writer), Duncan Jones (director) (Summit)
  • The Adjustment Bureau, George Nolfi (writer/director) (Universal)
What I want to know is who the hell saw any merit in "The Adjustment Bureau" or "Source Code"? Do the Nebula Awards get voted on by stoners or what?


Guy Lambert said...

"It beat out a lot of other crappy sci-fi dreck" - well that wouldn't be a way to describe Midnight in Paris. Have you seen it?

Eric said...

Agreed!  And "Hugo" is "crappy sci-fi dreck??"  

I'm sure it's just an unfortunate turn of phrase...

Mike Jackson said...

Hugo was sappy, over the top special effects dreck to me, but for those that like that sort of thing it's the sort of thing they like.

Mike Jackson said...

 Mmm - well, "Midnight in Paris" more fantasy than sci-fi, but then often Doctor Who is more fantasy than sci-fi, but at least nearly all the time it takes technology to travel in time in Who. I did enjoy watching it once, but that was about all the times I would ever be interested in watching it. Not that Allen isn't good, but for a movie you might enjoy seeing more than once, check out "Match Point", the best film he made in decades.